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21 April

You Put That Down!

It’s been said that the human body was not designed to carry the stresses and pressures that so many of us take on every day. This may be a huge reason for the high amount of depression, anxiety, pain, and sickness we see all around us. It may also be a major reason for the tremendous increase of over-the-counter and prescription drug use that has taken place over the past decade. So one of two things is going on here: God did not create our bodies as they needed to be created, or we’re carrying things we shouldn’t be carrying. One thing we know for sure: the problem is not with God or His creation! So the problem must be with us.

So how do you “de-stress” so you can live in the peace God planned for you to live in?

The simple answer is found in 1 Peter 5:7: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” In other words, God can handle the worries and cares…but you can’t! He’ll gladly take them from you, but He can only take what you willingly give to Him. It’s time for you to put down that heavy load you’ve been trying to carry, and hand it off to the One who created you to live in peace. If you’ll do this, you’ll experience a freedom and peace that only He can give. And without your own cares to trouble you, you’ll have more time to care for others who are in need!

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16 March

What's The One Thing?

I often have people ask me, “What’s the one thing that brings success in this particular area of life?” They may be referring to family, career, physical health, finances, ministry, or another specific area. I usually respond that it isn’t only one thing that makes the difference, but a combination of several things done on a consistent basis. This is the case in most areas we deal with in life.

Yet in the scriptures, we do find God telling us about one thing that can sabotage our walk with Him. In Revelation chapter 2, Jesus honors the believers for the many strong attributes they’ve shown, including hard work, patience, and suffering endured as they served Him. Then He hits home in verse 4 with this statement: “Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Jesus shares with them the one thing they can work on if they want to fully enjoy their life in Him and be fully pleasing to Him. The way to make it right is found in verse 5: “Repent and do the first works.” In other words, go back to your first love.

It’s good for us to examine our life in God on a regular basis, to see if we’re still walking in the childlike faith and relationship that we started out with. Do you have a sincere love for God, or have you become a professional Christian? Do you go to church to grow in God, to gather with other believers, and to serve those around you, or do you go simply out of habit, in the same way that you brush your teeth or pay your bills? What choices are you making today that will cause an increase in the intimacy you experience with God?

Do you have a sincere love for God, or have you become a professional Christian?

I challenge you to take a serious look at why you do what you do. Go back to the basics – “do the first works” – of loving God with all your heart, being thankful for your relationship with Him, reading the Bible with expectancy for what God wants to say to you, and passionately caring about those that don’t yet know Him. If your relationship with your Father is starting to feel stale and lifeless, think about what you used to do when you first knew Him, and then begin doing those things again. As you do, I believe you’ll find a renewed excitement as you experience a fresh love for Him and a fresh love for the people around you!

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